About me

Hi Cricketers!

I am the big fan of cricket like you.

I am a father, husband and web developer, lives in Jaipur and play cricket on weekends.

I actively participate in tournaments, just finished a tournament “Monsoon cup Aug – 2018”.

I realized that many of my fellow players complain about their cricket equipment, If you look surrounding you; you will find most of the teammates are not happy with their bat, gloves, pad etc.

They have their own equipment but borrow from someone else on ground.

I have found CricketShala.com in August 2018 with a simple vision of sharing tips about selecting cricket equipment and my expereince about cricket.

I will share the tips on how you can find out what is best for you. I will review the best of the best products of cricket on internet and will write an in-depth article so you can select the best fit for you.

I will do my best effort to provide you with the authentic information. If you found any mistake, kindly let me know by writing at [email protected]

I will try my best to rectify that.