How to convince your parents to allow you to play cricket

convince parent for cricket

You look dream every day and night to become a cricketer, but your parent doesn’t allow you to play, they are against to make a career in cricket. They want you to focus on study and don’t waste time on the sport.

Are you frustrated?

I understand you can be frustrated.

Parents are not wrong, they have multiple reasons to not allow you for it. Parents want an easy and successful like for their children. They want you to focus on study, get good marks in the exam and then either settle with a good job or join family business.

5 reasons why parents don’t allow to make career in cricket

  1. Poor in academics
  2. Fear of failure
  3. Their dream
  4. Expensive
  5. Injury

Poor in academics

cricket and studyOne of the reason is, you will get distraction from your school studies and that might cause you a poor performance in school exams.

It is the valid reason, If you read about many of the successful cricketers, many of them did not complete their graduate. They are now successful so it does not matter but what if they do not get success?

Fear of failure

failure fear in cricketIt is the biggest reason to not allowing for career in cricket. What if you did not get success in cricket.

What will you do after that?

That is a kind of fear parent has, you would have to overcome this fear. We will read later in ths article what you should do to overcome this fear.

Their dream

dream for kid

Well, sometimes parent choose a career at the time of your birth, A very common you hear around you “Mera beta bada hoke doctor banega (My son would be a doctor) even though son doesn’t have interest in medicine.


Every sport needs some money to invest in equipment, training fee, diet etc. It might be out of budget of your parent.


Cricket is the outdoor game and you might get injuries while playing. You may find some parents over possessive, and they have a fear that if you would play outdoor games, you might get injured.

Now, the question is how you can convince your parent if they do not agree with you.

There is the two major decision of our life where our parents are too emotional.

  1. Your career
  2. Relationship

Well, it’s very obvious to be worried as they seen a lot of failures surrounding them and do not want you to face that. They want you to live the life without any hassle, they want a good career and a perfect life partner for you.

Nothing wrong in this. After all, they are our parents and they are taking care of us for many years.

Things go wrong when they pre-decide our career. They want to see you doctor but you want to be a cricketer.

When expectations mismatch then it becomes a problem for both.

When this mismatch happens you might hear “Sharma ji ka ladka” kind of dialogue every day.

In the case of mismatching expectations, your parent thinks you are spoiling your precious time in the sport.

Either you would compromise or it will start the argument between you and your parents.

If you are pretty convinced to pursue your career in cricket then put 100% force to make your argument stronger

Remember, They are more experienced than you, they might have strong arguments to convince you.

So don’t just start discussion without your homework.

So what I should do to convince them? Still, unanswered.

7 tips to convince your parent.

  1. Convince yourself First
  2. Start focus on studies
  3. Show your skills
  4. Talk-watch about the cricket
  5. Become a solution, instead of problem
  6. Know more about path to become a cricketer
  7. Wait for the perfect time

Convince yourself first

Convince yourself that you are really passionate about making career in cricket. Don’t take this decision just because your friends going to cricket academy.

If you are choosing cricket as a career, you must have to see where you stand. If you are a bowler then how efficiently you bowled in your age group. If you are a batsman then ask yourself how efficiently you bat in your age group? How much you know about basic techniques of cricket batting?

And, then ask a question to yourself, are you enjoy the cricket or just play as your friends play that?

Start focus on studies

What…studies? I am reading this to be a cricketer not to be a doctor, engineer…


If you read this article, I said the first fear of the parents is that you might perform poorly in your academics and that might affect your career.

So, If you wanna something you desire then be ready for sacrifices.

Decide at least 1-3hrs per day for self-studies apart from homework.

I am becoming harsh, I know…it is tough but best solution to convince parents.

I am also a parent of 2 kids and will like if they start study ourselves even will proud 🙂

By doing this, you are helping them to overcome the fear of poor performance in academics.

Show your skills

You want to be a cricketer and going to talk about this to your parents. Won’t it be good if you go with some figures for your performance in cricket? Whenever you do good in your local cricket or in school cricket, share it with your parent proactively.

Discuss with them about your appreciation if you get in a match.

Parents always enjoy the appreciation of their kid.

Talk-watch about the cricket

Instead of the cartoons or movies, start watching matches, highlights whenever you get time to watch TV. Do a good discussion about cricket with your parents.

Become a solution, instead of problem

Start chatting about cricket with your parents. Ask them what you should do to become a cricketer and try to know what they think about that. If they are positive for cricket, you win the half battle.

If they think negative about the cricket, it’s gonna be a tough challenge for you.

If negative then find out what fear they have, and try to find out the solution for that.

If they want to you to choose career in something else which you are not looking for then show how poor you are in that, show you don’t have interest in that.

Tell them, you want to be a cricketer.

Tell them, you would not compromise with your studies.

Tell them, how you would save time for your studies.

If they are worried about expenses then you also should be worried on that. You do your homework how much it would cost and can your parents afford it. Provide them a solution, don’t become a problem for them.

Know more about path to become a cricketer

You should do your homework to know the path how to become a cricketer. The first step would be to join a cricket academy to learn the basics of the cricket so find out the cricket academy near you, get to know about fees, fees payment schedule, transportation etc. So, when you talk to your parents, you know what you are talking.

Wait for the perfect time

You already set up the base from point “start focus on studies” and point “Show your skills”. They now started noticing that you are becoming sincere and doing the right things and that give them confidence that you can take good decision too.

So far, they also might notice your interest in cricket.

Talk to them that you want to become a cricketer.

Tell them about academies in your city and admission process, fees etc.


It’s fact that you can not become cricketer without help of your parent.

You will need some money to spend on equipment, training etc and being a kid your parents are only, who can pay for these.

A sportsperson never gives up. They find out the way to cross the hurdle and win the game.

You will not give up if you are a real sportsperson. You would try your 100% to convince your parents and will make them partner to fulfill your dream.

All the best