How to become cricketer in India – a proven strategy

Do you have a DREAM to become a cricketer?

Are you a parent like me who looks DREAM for kids for a successful carrer in cricket?

If you are one of them, then this article is for you.

You can become a cricketer and can  join Indian team if you walk with a right strategy. We will discuss these strategies later in this article.

In this article, I will cover all possible things which you could do to become a cricketer. I will tell you a proven stategy that always works.

So be with me to know the strategy to be selected in the Indian team.

Start cricket practice as early as possible

It would be good if you can take decision as early as possible and then start taking action on that.

It’s on parent that how early they find interest in their kid. Pursue next step only if your kid shows interest in that.

How to know the interest of your champ in cricket?

There is no rocket science in that, you would have to spend time with him.

You should first start yourself playing with them so you can create interest in them for cricket, you can start playing with them at the age of 4-5 years and then you would have 2-3 years to see if he is interested in cricket or not.

It’s important to pursue the next step only if he is interested in play cricket.

Ok, you found that your kid is passionate about cricket. So now, you should find out a cricket academy near you so he can learn the basics of cricket.

How to choose the cricket academy – 10 things you must know to choose a cricket academy

It’s advisable that you should join the cricket academy so you can get the good training and take your skills to the next level.

An academy, coach, and mentor plays a vital role to in the career of a cricketer so you would have to be selective to choose the cricket academy.

Here are a few tips to know how to choose a cricket academy.

how to choose cricket academy

  1. First, look cricket academy near to your home

    You are a student, so you have to go to school and academy every day. If you join the academy which is far from your home, then a lot of time would be consumed in travel.

    That would affect not only your cricket practice but also your studies.If you are a beginner, it is necessary that you choose an academy which is nearest to your home. Later if you are not satisfied, then you can switch to another.

  2. Know about the history of the cricket academy

    Search on the internet about the academy to know how many players are selected in state and the national team.

  3. Know about the coaches of cricket academy

    It’s difficult for you to know the quality of the coaches, but still, you should inquire about them.You can ask other students about coaches. Or, You can ask the academy management about their credentials.

  4. See ratio of student and coaches

    Ask the number of coaches and students. Less number of students per coach would be better, It would increase the chances of personal attention.

  5. Make sure that they have their own cricket ground

    Only net practice and drills are not sufficient, you have to execute your learning in matches. You need to practice in open net to become cricketerPerforming in these matches must be your first goal because that would help you to stand out from others and everyone will start knowing you.

  6. Timing of the academy

    The timing of the academy must match with your schedule, so there should not be any conflict with your school timing.

  7. What are the facilities

    You don’t need heavy equipment in the academy, but there should be some basic things such as nets, turf roller, batting pillar, transportation.

  8. Ask for a free trial of few weeks

    You should request to join for some trial period. If the trial is not possible then ask for a tour of the academy when a training session is going on so you can get a sense of their types of equipment and training process.

  9. What they do in Monsoon

    We have almost 2 months as a rainy season in India, so effectively, you would get 10 months for training in a year. You should ask about their strategy for monsoon season. You can not be idle for 2 months.

  10. Fee is an important factor

    There are huge variations in the fees structure of academies. There are many academies which are started by some international players. These are heavily loaded with the modern types of equipment.

    If your parents can afford, then you can join. Your practice and attention of your coach are more important instead to join a big branded cricket academy. Make a goal to be selected in district and state level team. Once you achieve this goal, you would start getting facilities for modern equipment.

I hope, these tricks should help you to choose the cricket academy for you.

Let’s wait a little bit before I reveal the strategy that works for everyone. First, I am going to describe more about finding the cricket academy.

How to find cricket academy near to you

  1. Search “best cricket academy in Delhi” on google

    You very well know how to search on the internet, that’s why you reached here to read this article. Open the and search best cricket academy in Delhi to get a list of academies.
    Best cricket academy near you You would see 94,60,000 results, do not be overwhelmed all are not for cricket academies. Most of them will be blog sites like first few results are actually based on your location, and all these have direction map and contact detail.

  2. Find address and telephone number of cricket academies

    If you are on mobile and GPS setting of mobile is on then you would see the results nearest on top.

    Note down the address and telephone number of these academies so you can call and visit them to inquire.
  3. Browse their website

    Some of the cricket academies have their own websites, you can go over there to see more information about them.find cricket academy

  4. Call them and get to ask your questions

    Call them to know more about the admission process, fees structure, timing and trial period.

  5. Few basic questions you should ask over call to cricket academy

    Start talking with your introduction, tell them what you are looking and on what stage you are.


    1. Can you guide the exact location?
    2. What is the fee?
    3. How many coaches are there?
    4. How many students are there?
    5. Is there any trial needed for admission?
    6. Do you provide a free trial for a few days?
    7. What are the timings?
    8. Do you provide transport facility?
  6. Take an appointment to visit the academy

    If you are ok with answers then shortlist the academy and take an appointment to visit them.

Ok, now when you selected the academy, it’s time to rock on!

Now, your real struggle start.

I would advise that don’t think much about selection in the national team on early stage.

You are too far from this, and thinking much about it would make you stressed.

What should you do then?

The strategy I am going to tell you is a PROVEN strategy not only for cricket but for all your goals which you decide to achieve in your life.

Divide your dream into multiple small goals. You will have to first cross many other milestones to reach there, so identify those and focus only on one at a time.

Give your 100% efforts to complete the one small goal at a time, don’t think about other goals. Your dream will approach you automatically as much as smaller goals are achieved.

Every small win would give you the confidence and motivation to work for the next goal.

Divide your dream into multiple small goals

Let’s divide large goal “Selection for Indian cricket team” into multiple mini goals.

  1. Goal#1 – Select a good cricket academy

    Yes, to start your career you need a good cricket academy where you can practice daily and trained by an expert.

    We already discussed how to select a cricket academy. If there is any question left then leave a comment here or email me at [email protected]

  2. Goal#2 – Get selected in the team of your school and cricket academy

    Once you joined the cricket academy, your next goal should be get selected in your school and cricket team.

    Here are the few things that you should do to get selected in the team.

    1. Don’t be all-rounder
      I observed a common mistake in many of the students, Everybody wants to be an all-rounder cricketer. Your this desire might confuse your coach while practicing on the net.

      So, it’s essential that you identify your strength as early as possible and then concentrate on that.

      If you want to be an all-rounder then first focus to be a good bowler and keep batting drill on secondary.

    2. Be regular in practice
      That’s not only necessary to improve your cricket skills but also co-related to your selection for the team. Your coach would notice your punctuality and dedication towards the game.

      Being regular will give you the opportunity to showcase your skills to your coach every day.

    3. Perform in net practice
      Selection in academy team is not a one-day trial process. Your coach is the selector so he/she will observe your performance every day.

      Give your 100% every day, whether it is net practice or a match or any drill.

      If you are a batsman, you might like to read cricket batting tips

    4. Keep talking with your coach
      If you want to get the attention of your coach, keep talking with him. So he can know you very well.

      Note: Don’t do over talking, that could be negative. Keep your discussion topic around cricket and short only.
  3. Goal#3 – Establish yourself as a brand

    Set goal to perform well in academic tournaments so every body know you in your academy for your performance.

    how to become cricketer

  4. Goal#4 – Selection in district level U-14, U-19 or U-23 team

    If you successfully completed the first 3 goals, you would be filled up with confidence and ready for the next level.

    Whether you love it or hate it, you have to be ready for trials. Put your 100% in practice to be selected in the trial of the district-level team.

    Here is a good article on how to perform best at cricket trial.

  5. Goal#5 – Perform in district level team

    Now, you have to repeat the performance of Goal3.

    Performance is the key to success, and you have to repeat it in every match.

  6. Goal#6 – selection for state level team

    Your performance in district level tournaments will open the gate of the state-level selection. Do your best to perform in every match. Make sure you participate in the ranji trophy, vijay hazare trophy, Dilip trophy or other state level tournaments.

  7. Goal#7 – Perform in state-level team

    Ran Ji, Dilip trophy, Vijay Hazare trophy are the main tournaments of state level in India. You will have to be consistent in good performance in all of these.

    It is the milestone which would open the door of the national team.

  8. Goal#8 – Selection for National cricket academy(NCA)

    NCA is a leading cricket academy of India.

    The selection in NCA cricket academy is conducted by TRDW( Talent Resource Development Wing) based on the performance in U15, U-17, U-19, U-23, and state level team.

    M.S. Dhoni, Suresh Raina, S. Sreesanth, Irfan Khan, and many others are selected by TRDW.

  9. Goal#9 – Selection for India U-19 or India A team

    If you achieved this goal that means you have full potential to play for India. On this stage, you will get high-quality training equipment, coaches and all you need to take your skill on a professional level.

    You just need to be consistent in learning as you were earlier. Listen to your coach, and practice accordingly.

  10. Goal#10 – Selection in IPL

    IPL is a breathtaking tournament and has a huge fan following all over the world. It is again a big platform which open door for selection in the Indian team.

  11. Goal#11 – Perform well in IPL

    You can showcase your skills here and influence selectors. You would get a lot of fans from here.

  12. Goal#12 – Get selected in Indian cricket academy

    Finally, you are on the arrival of your bigger goal–your dream. By now, you should be convinced that you can reach on this step only after completion of mini goals.

Find out on what stage you are–decide your next goal–and give 100% to achieve that. Don’t worry about your dream, it will take your stress away from you, and your performance will definitely improve if you are just focused on the mini goal.

We talked about performance a lot in mini goals. Yes! To complete a goal your skill and execution of that are strongly needed.

Here are a few tips to improve your performance.

How to improve performance in cricket

  1. Practice daily – consistency, hard work, dedication, patience are keys to success
  2. Set mini goal – divide your bigger target into mini goals
  3. Eat healthy food – Be fit
  4. Do exercise – speed, stamina, and strength.
  5. Make new friends – who are passionate about cricket
  6. Control your temper – Use your energy in performance, not in anger
  7. Believe in yourself – get skills and be confident
  8. Virtual practice – watch matches and see how your ideal player play shots
  9. Select best cricket gearread ultimate guide to buy cricket bat

That’s all from my side. Now, you have to start executing that to become a professional cricketer.